The Head of the School of Synergy
Dmitry Voevodin

Autobiography of the Head of the School of Synergy – Dmitry Voevodin

The Head of the School of Synergy – Dmitry Voevodin

I was born in Moscow in 1974. Since childhood, I’ve been in nature for a long time and I love being in nature more than being in a city. It was in the forest, when I first felt energy coming out of the Earth and plants. I learned to literally fill myself up with energies. That time I didn’t understand anything that was happening, it was just practical to me- it made me feel good.

In 1997, I graduated from the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University. I chose the specialty for a reason- I still use the fundamental knowledge I obtained in those years. It’s extremely helpful with the analysis and application of the invisible basis of the world – energy. This analysis together with the comprehension of Divine Energies is the basis and meaning of my life.

Biology like as a science about the life is synonymous with theology and it’s a kind of scientific reflection of theological science, makes the opportunity to correctly understand the God’s laws for the world and human. A new ideology of future, conveying the harmony and peace to the world is able to originate just only in the union of theology, art and science as three pillars of human.

Science could not satisfy my hunger for the knowledge I sought, because the subject of my search was out of possible limits for scientific thought. Therefore, my break with science was inevitable. It happened on the wave of enthusiasm for esoteric practices in the late 90’s.

Divine Energies. My way to God

In the esoteric, which stopped being a mystery in that look as it’s presented ecclesiastical basis and direct spiritual transformation are often replaced by its interpretation what does it short. After some insights, the practice becomes boring and losing any meaning and at this time you want to try something new.

And ecclesiastical comprehension is replaced with effect of novelty, and previous ecclesiastical treasure become the object of the sale in the global esoteric supermarket. No matter what knowledge component or attractiveness this or that practice had, where I didn’t find and didn’t see ecclesiastical basis, shown by in the direct energy to me, I was not interested. Nevertheless, I have deeply as possible studied a tensegrity of Carlos Castaneda, the Taoist practices of Manteca Chia, Qigong and Taijiquan.

Studying and learning about Cosmoenergetics

In the same period, I became acquainted with «Cosmoenergetics». In Cosmoenergetics I found answers to my questions and saw a fairly simple and harmonious system describing and teaching work with energies. I was expressed how this system of knowledge reflected my search, which I couldn’t even articulate it for myself.

It turned out that Cosmoenergetics was a whole science about the world of energies. And the first lesson I learned for myself – that energy is not always kind and blissful which I used to perceive in nature, but that there are some harmful and dangerous energies.

When the first enthusiasm from the initiation went out, I realized that I had embarked on the way, which I do not fully understand and with initially simplicity is complex and inaccessible. It was obviously another – my ecclesiastical search hasn’t stopped, cosmoenergetics wasn’t final goal for me. But knowledge about energies, possibility to control them – are irreplaceable and valuable, exactly this knowledge was the basis for the further search and future teachings.

Cosmoenergetics is almost an ideal teaching pre-mission, that is anticipating the Mission – the knowledge of Divine energies. It allows people to make the conscious choice in his ecclesiastical self-determination, where he is coming and what power he wants to serve. This is the way of natural knowledge of God, when the only opportunity for becoming, mastery and simply survival in the world of energies – is turning to God.

This path of mastery is necessary for learning divine energies – skills, received during this path are invaluable. By these skills can be considered protection and filling the field, generation of energy in energy centers (synthesis), transmission of energy on a distance, a healing session, cleaning and filling of a space and etc.

Cosmoenergetics like many others modern practices-refers to the spiritual practices, that is, having a basis in the sense of a person, in contrast of divine practice, having the basis in the essence of Got itself. If the person is developing himself during the divine practice, but in the ecclesiastical practice his challenge is to join with God and becomes its conductor of His will and energy.

That’s why, according to the word of apostil Paul the first is spiritual, and then the ecclesiastical one, not to develop the necessary divine qualities, the person is not able to connect with Spirit. At that moment, as well as for most neophytes, this principal difference in the energies of Soul and Spirit was incomprehensible and no obvious to me.

Of course, a person should be ready for the perceiving the Spirit, and that’s why the development of Soul is any teaching of pre-mission, is dictated by God itself. For me, the position of many religions and doctrines in the world, as well as their unity in the Creator, has never raised a question. That’s why Apostil said that the first is spiritual and then the ecclesiastical one.

Cosmoenergetics didn’t correspond the ecclesiastical search, because it didn’t have the independent ecclesiastical principal, just only energy manifestations of the Spirit, opened in this or that ancient teaching or religion. But this teaching has become valuable in the terms of skills of free handling with energy – the skill inherits in the human nature. With it, I was able to do the next steps in my search.

Another paths and revelations

I discovered my gift of word possession and wrote some books. I was interested in in our ancient northern and Slavic tradition. I was searching the ecclesiastical basics of our people in more ancient culture than Orthodox Christianity, rejecting the modern neo-paganism, which I didn’t accept with my soul.

In this search the preserved places of power have helped me in my search, preserving these energies and echoes of rituals and knowledge in working with energies. The tradition of itself of great soul food is not carried, the soul longed for something more. And this great was – the direct knowledge about God religions and monotheism. The first one was Islam, or rather mystical Sufism, which attracted me the perfect quality of energies and their impact.


This teaching is conducting the Holly Spirit and there is a little can compare with these energies, especially in the tradition of Sufis of Middle Asia, the direct conscious work with energies – is a common thing. There are a lot of practices of work with natural energies and elements in Sufism. At that time this fact attracted me, but I couldn’t accept Sufism finally mainly because of its connection to Islam. The option to change the faith wasn’t acceptable for me.


Surprisingly, but divine truths in theology, where everything is about God and absolutely exact and impartial instrument of learning of God through creation and peace, as a science, have a common and unified beginning, but can’t find a common language. And there and there the theme of energies is strictly tabooed, although in science – external informational impact is obvious, but not recognized as can’t be proven and is the object of faith.

In theology and even worse, the idea of Divine energies is the dogma of faith, the basis of knowledge of God, set out and postulated by the St. Gregory Palamas, and is the basis of hesychasm, the official teaching of Eastern Church since 1531.

This knowledge was transferred directly from a teacher to a student and over the time this transfer was lost, and therefore we often see in the religion «naked king», and the fragmentation of the institutions of public consciousness – science, religion, art – has become the norm. Is this situation fair? Who benefits from the loss of true knowledge? The answer is quite obvious. Our world has long been on the rails of technological development and is preparing for the existence of artificial intelligence, which is required the special environmental.

The theme of energies, like as their sensory comprehension is inaccessible to the machine, it is the prerogative of human conscious only, ant this is of course our advantage over machines. In order technical intelligence takes its appropriate place, that is, equal position of man, the direct, sensory comprehension should go aside, giving the place for the system of interpretations understandable for machine. By the way for the man the rejection of the direct comprehension of energies is the same as the rejection of knowledge of God – the main meaning of the life.

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My searches led me to the world’s oldest religion- shamanism. To the traditions of South American Indians or rather to the tribe of Shipibo- conibo. This tradition is probably one of the most ancient of preserved on the planet, and it basically can’t be called shamanism, or rather it is plant medicine, the whole ancient science, based on the comprehension of ecclesiastical basis of plants and animals. They comprehended the Creator through the creation.

The fact of itself of the existence of shamanism tells us about the loss of Spirit by a man, the very one that we call now Holly and find it during the sacraments of church. And that’s why shamanism has developed for the compensation of lost ecclesiastical basis of man. And that is why shamanism developed to compensate for the lost spiritual basis of man. Not having his own spirit, a man or rather his soul is forced to seek assistance of other plants and animals’ spirit, this situation is paradoxical and impossible for anybody in this world except man.

Shamanism is not saving for the people of western world, the descendants of those who betrayed the wild world of the Earth hundreds of years ago. Indians were able to preserve the lost harmony and had less damage in their human’s nature. This school was fundamental for me in the understanding of the Spirit and what the ancient ecclesiastical culture of people’s life is the position, of course, lost by modern people.

Ecclesiastical culture is the necessary condition for the comprehension of our faith. Exactly in Peru received knowledge was revealed, there study of Synergy was born and there I opened our Faith for myself.

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The birth of Synergy

The basis of this knowledge, of course, was the opening of the vision, every ritual that is conducted by the Indians, immerses a person in the afterlife and the world of spirits, it opens up the basis of spiritual vision, then we not immediately, assert ourselves in the reality of purgatory and the kingdom of God. By the wat, the last one is allowed to see not to everybody.

This vision is enough for us to know the necessary to action for the salvation and the essence of our ancient faith comes out of the depth of subconscious. In this state, we are able to comprehend the damage of our nature. We, finally, can take a look at ourselves with true eyes without embellishments and illusions. There we may observe how the Holy Spirit regenerates us and how it restores our nature What the true prayer is and how it works, what kind of world is behind them. This vision has become the essence and the basis of the faith, which I had yet to realize.

Amazingly, but being far from the thousands of kilometers from the motherland, I have finally asserted myself that the Orthodox path set by God himself is the only true for us, it is required to be opened. Ecclesiastical culture considers as the basis external to us the nature of Spirit and necessary to accept Him, fill and carry it out, embodying in the energies carrying action.

This can be considered a brief about the study of Divine Energies- Synergy. Yet I still didn’t understand the nature of this energy that came to me, I just really enjoyed watching what was happening in me, while being filled with this energy. The filling began one night at the full moon, when I saw a bright light in the center of my head. Since then, this feeling hasn’t t left me. It had been filling me up more and more, starting from my head and spreading out throughout all of my body.

At that time, I didn’t understand either source or the nature of it. I that the source of this energy is the absolute Divine Power itself. Although I felt- it was exactly what I was looking for all my life. The perfect healing energy! So, I completely trusted to what was happening.

I was completely absorbed by the process of observing and feeling the healing this energy created. This was what I was looking for. So, I completely trusted to what was happening. Initially, this practice was called by me as Task as the abbreviation of words synthesis of knowledge and ecclesiastically of mankind.

Then I didn’t understand that the source of such energy – is the only God himself, realized in Trinity. Year ago, during the practice it was revealed to me, as well as the name of the study of synergy, the teachings of the Athos elder of the 14th century – Gregory Palamas, after visiting the Holy mountain and worshipping the Holy relics of the elder.

The energy I received, came from Christ, and I have already come to fully understand this, living the church life and fully receiving the energy from the sacraments of church. On the way of the subject Christ is invisible and unknown, but even then, we receive His love, energy, power, knowledge, inspiration and the most important- action.

Understanding synergy as a cooperation with God Father- the cornerstone of teaching brought to the world by Christ. And it can manifest only in the works of Father, and this is healing, harmony, peace and salvation to mortal coil, expressed in the transfer of Divine Energy to him, which is the mission and purpose of man – service to consecrated of the world. Turning the world into a Garden of Eden.

Without manifested of living faith in the energies- there is no salvation, synergy is the synonym of salvation, because salvation and blessing come now and man acquires through the Spirit in earthly life a part of eternal life with God. Energy manifested through the comprehension of Holly Spirit in the sacrament and is Divine Energy, available and given to the man by God. To put this energy into practice is our main concern and meaning of life.

After returning from Peru, I moved out from previous practices. My interest was in the sphere of practical theology, which I have started to learn systematically, uniting studying with the full church life. The Lord gave me a confessor, which I couldn’t dream of, ironically, he lived not far from in the nearby village.

You can go around the world, but truth always will be there, would be our opportunity to reach it. The sacraments of church like as studying at the Orthodox institute, have become a new basis of my life. More and more, I revealed a power, beauty and absolute efficiency of Divine energies both in my own fortune and my closest.

In practice, I have recognized that healing of the soul by the true, righteous, eternal, unchanging and Holly Spirit is the only possible way of healing, because only there we gain the eternity and lose the fear of death which is always leaving inside us. Behind every fear are infernal forces, but behind the fear of death is the presentiment of our soul perdition, lack of salvation’s experience, this is a basis of all problems in our lives, first physical health and diseases of the genus.

The search of solutions of these problems beside abstract attraction to the Spirit, for many years have been the engine for me in the search. I was looking for and didn’t find the solution to the problems, only temporary and only in Spirit I have known, that healing is possible and what it actually is.

By that time, I have already had my successful healing practice, so I had the opportunity to evaluate my capability of working with energies based on experience and the results the people had. Indeed, I could not even imagine taking up the range of problems that could be healed through the Divine Energy, so I was amazed by the work I could perform through.

I have been always interested in the reasons of pollution and disease and only now I have accepted Orthodox teaching in this matter, as well as the original damage to human nature, and the continuing damage due to sins – the deviation from the commandments of God. With its obviousness and fame- accept this we will be able only to see these pollutions in ourselves, as manifestations by alien to our energetic nature in both body and consciousness.

Getting rid of these pollutions, as well as confronting their source is the main goal of ecclesiastical practice. Having a vision, I was convinced of the existence of infernal forces, I saw their undivided power over people and over the world. I clearly saw that the only one force that is able to withstand them is Christ himself. The simplest words of short Christ prayer, practiced for ages by Hesychasts, are enough to protect and fill with energy, that consecrates, enlightens and inspires.

I fully lived and understood the meaning of parable of the prodigal son, finding any ecclesiastical food of unfamiliar traditions is little use and Vice versa knowing the value of the energies of our tradition. Even it is difficult to imagine the ecclesiastical progress of man, who has become on the way practice of Hesychasm. We have in ourselves the ancient genetic roots to our faith and that’s why consciously coming to it we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit put to us.

In the parable of the prodigal son these gifts are symbolically reflected a ring – the symbol of power and new clothes- the symbol of Divine Energies, in which a God-like person dresses, shoes are the symbol of the way.

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Synergy is the practice of the constant presence and renewal of the Divine Energy

Music in the ambient style by Alexei Dyakov has become the ideal medium for the Divine Energy. Synergy has formed as teaching about Divine Energies, transferred through the musical compositions.

The effect of listening to the «charged tracks» exceeded all expectations. It created unusual results for spiritual self-determination, visionary experience, family psychotherapy, education and upbringing of children, general well-being, finding peace of mind, physical healing, exorcism and etc.

Studying of method of sound therapy at the moment is divided into 9 levels and all of them are written on the musical tracks, which are about 40 which makes it easily usable. It’s especially effective on people who have had experiences in transcendental practices – meditation, shamanism, yoga and others.

More and less these new energies seemed out to be easily and quickly built into the daily routine of each student proving the effectiveness of the power coming from God himself. The training even allows to the user to gain healing skills above the average level in a short period of time. It aims at improving practical results in life, inspiring and stimulating execution, thereby, fulfilling our mission and transforming the world around us in a positive way.

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Distance practices of Synergy

Since the December of 2012 year everyday there is an online session of the school «Edinstvo», founded by me at that time, with a lot of people from the different continents. During this session the Divine energies are opened, practical work on healing, psychotherapy and ecclesiastical growth takes place. In our works we postulate practical truths, preached by the ancient saints, and the unity, peace of all people, of all races and religions before the Creator.

Synergy is a practical method that could explain many mysterious words of Christ: «The lamp for the body is the eye, if your eye is clean, therefore your body is clean», «Let your loins be girded, and the lamps burning.»

In the ancient terminology of Christ – «an eye» or a «lamp» is a special energy center located in the center of the head, also called the third eye in esoteric or Ajna in yoga, related to the mysterious «gland of happiness» – the epiphysis. It is the exact gland that we work with in our seminars, while listening to the musical compositions of Synergy.

This organ is active only in a small part of adult people. Exactly these people live fulfilling life and are happy. In my practice I try to find the key to the basis of energetics- what Holly fathers called the acceptance gland for the Holly Spirit; this is an eye or third eye. The task of the practice is to fill with the energy, distribution it in the body and work with it in the environment and with other people.

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Methods of trainings of Synergy

Such works happens during the seminars. The Synergy method is not an initiation, not a consecration, but a direct interaction with the Divine Spirit, but in the learning phase, the mentor shares his Spirit channel with a student and then teaches how to work with it. It is necessary to repeatedly do synergy immersion for the student- cleaning the energy body, the physical body, filling, transformation and transfer of key operational conditions.

Method sound therapy has the great future. It relies on music, like the language of God and energy as Its essence. Renaissance can be considered as the historical example of such global action, when synergy of art, God-given and religion, have created that western European culture, which we know now. In particular miraculously acquired music of I.S. Bach has revived a divine service of catholic church, detached from dogmatic unity with eastern church.

Music and divine chants always have been in all traditions, just only them have transferred to neophytes the Divine Energies, which allowed to make the ecclesiastical practice successful and complete.

In the modern world the main problem is fragmentation and individualism, reaching the extreme egoism carries a threat for a survival of people.

People can die without any wars and disasters, just defeated of machines and convertible environmental. In many ways this situation now is appearing in rejection from family and traditional values. Divine energies were especially effective in the family psychotherapy and restoration in the unity of genus. Thus, the ancient prophecy of the restoration of the role of the family as a small church and its ecclesiastical meaning in the world was completed.

Through connecting with the Spirit, we find a special state of Love, which is not inherent in our nature. The true and deep feelings that open up our heart are available to us. We are approved in our eternal nature and see our future life without illusions and embellishments.

The Divine Love that comes to a man through this source saturates the basis of his life, keeps in the family and it opens up to the world without fear. Victory over any kind of fears and especially the fear of death is the main gift of God to man, manifested as Its Love. All this is available to each of us in the amazing teaching of modernity – Synergy.

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