The Mission of the project

The revival the ancient study
of hesychasm

The Mission of the project «Synergy» –
revival the ancient study of hesychasm

The Mission of the project «Synergy»

  • We take care of the environment as the place where the future generation will live. We consider that It is the duty of every orthodox and any reasonable person to instill the love to his motherland and keep the Divine creature.
  • We look after about the purity of Christian doctrine and fulfilment of dogmatic mission – the main order of God to mankind- preservation and multiplication of the world and implementation of the world in the Garden of Eden.
  • For us the tandem between theology and science existed from immemorial time and broken during the days of atheism, is obvious. Our society isn’t able to develop harmoniously without theological enlightenment.
  • Our orthodox faith in the correct presentation gives already in real life celestial bless, the quality of real Divine Love, is the greatest ecclesiastical treasure in the world and the most efficient ecclesiastical practice for the time being.

Areas of activity

Very important part of our activity is the theological enlightenment based on the method « Synergy» in the esoteric environment for the people, who are able to perceive the pure and true knowledge based on the meditation as the direct comprehension of energy.

  • Acceptance and realization energies of church sacraments in the life and activities, transmitting this energy by the means of musical healing sessions and classical music.
  • Keeping the traditional family household and environment,
  • Life in the harmony with the nature and our original orthodox faith,
  • Creating of harmonious and efficient business environment,
  • Enlightenment on the basis of theology, missionary activity
  • Ecological education
  • Family psychotherapy, providing support in difficult situation, healing work
  • Overcoming the consequences of magic influences, actions of different sects and esoteric trainings.
  • Authorial missionary and pilgrim expeditions worldwide,
  • Establishing of the eco-paths and development of the eco-settlements, eco-hotel in the mountainous Adygea.

The method of transmitting the Divine energy of church sacraments with the help of authorial music «Synergy»(the patented, authorial method) is simple and comprehensible way to bring the Divine energy of love and order to any sphere of human activity, from a family till the management of big company, a hospital, a school, any unity where there is a request for efficient psychotherapy and construction of blessed and harmonious environment.

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