The patent of the project

Method of sound therapy

The patent of the project:
method of sound therapy «Synergy»

The proposed innovation Method of sound therapy «Synergy» refers to the medicine, and exactly, to the rehabilitation medicine and psychotherapy, and can be used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of various etiologies in combination with other methods of therapy.

Corrective action is made by the impact of acoustic space, created by the musical compositions – tracks, written by the using of certain frequency, timbre and tempo characteristics that determine the effect of exposure. This method allows to increase the patient’s sensibility to the music therapy due to the gradually complication of the tracks on the effects, as well as the choice of musical tracks in the accordance of the patient’s condition and corrective characteristics.

Musical therapy as a method of rehabilitation medicine.

The proposed innovation refers to the medicine and exactly to the rehabilitation medicine and psychotherapy, and can be used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of different etiologies in combination with other methods of therapy.

Musical therapy is one of the newest directions in the medicine, allowing to use the action of the sound for the impact the psychical level and psycho-emotional sphere of a man.

Against the background of basing treatment, a musical therapy is used with the meditations with the using certainly written tracks corresponding the work with various locuses of the body: the physical level, the emotional level and psychological state – with the gradually complication, which allows you to gradually prepare the body for the maximum impact.

Sphere of positive impact of method of
sound therapy «Synergy»

There is a well-known method of complex treatment of cardiovascular diseases with the use of music therapy, characterized in that the against of background of basing treatment a musical and acoustic effects are taking place, for this purpose the specially selected musical compositions with the frequency of less than 1 kHz, performed on a jew’s-harp and kurai in a computed processing are used.

  • The use of innovation improves clinical symptoms and hemodynamic and psychophysical parameters of the patients with cardiovascular diseases.
  • This method allows to improves the clinical symptoms, the parameters of hemodynamic and psychophysical states of the patients with cardiovascular diseases. [1].
  • It is known the method of correction of psychophysiological state of sportsmen for the prevention of the unfavorable psychic states, arising on the high level of emotional and psychic loadings during the training and competitive activities.

How does the method of sound therapy «Synergy» works?

Corrective impact is made up by the way of interaction of acoustic space, modulated by the musical composition with the advanced selected effect of impact. An acoustic space is formed with circular pattern of direction and spherical distribution of sound energy in the space of the voiced room [2].

This method allows to improve the patients’ sensitivity to the music therapy by selecting the playback mode of musical composition in accordance with the individual preferences of patient and correction of parameters of playback depending on the effect of the impact achieved, fixed by objective criteria of the state.

A method of formation of audio sequences of music for the using them in rehabilitation and preventive medicine is known, in which the fragments of musical compositions are selected that form the binaural beat of the rhythms of healthy human organs.

The selection of ranged fragments according to the coincidence or proximity of the parameters of the boundaries of their frequency bands to the parameters of the frequency bands of the rhythms of the organs and systems of the human body in the frequency range from 20 MHz to 20 kHz takes place [3].

There are researches in the sphere of teaching of the influence of the meditation’s experience on the brain network, underlying of the cognitive actions used during contemplative practice. The participants of this experiment have demonstrated a greater number of connections within the neural network of attention, as well as between the areas of attention and the medial frontal areas, which improves the development of cognitive skills [4].

Objectives of the method of sound therapy «Synergy»

The objective of this innovation is the increasing of the patient’s sensibility to the musical therapy by selecting of musical tracks, corresponding to his condition, musical characteristics of compositions, allowing to make the correction of these and those conditions and s well as immersing him in a meditative state, which gives additional relaxation and increases the sensibility to therapy.

The technical result of the use of the innovation is the correction of psychological condition ( depression, excitement, bipolar disorder), the feeling of emotional rising, a surge of strength, improvement of sleep, memory and working capacity, a healing effect that activates the live forces and helps the standard methods of treatment, as well as improved the social communication of the patient.

To solve this objective, intended to improve the effectiveness of music to the health of man, the proposed method of musical therapy acts as follows.

The operator of method, trained by the author of method and received the corresponding documents, conducts the necessary conversation, on the base of which determines the choice of a musical track depending on psychical and emotional state of a patient.

How is method of sound therapy «Synergy» used?

The desired position of the patient’s body during the therapy is standing, but depending on his condition, the patient can sit down with the straight back or lying down. Listening of the tracks is recommended with the help of system, allowing to provide in the music binaural – stereo or stereo headphones.

During the listening of tracks, the patient is immersing in the meditative state, which is facilitated by the properties of the music itself. In this meditation of open presence, the patient should pay attention to each image or sound, appearing during the sessions, and also fix a bodily senses and inner dialogue, without being attached to any one sense or thought.

At the same time, when his attention starts to wander, he must return to the condition of open presence. After sessions, the operator consults the patient, discussing with the patient the images or senses, giving the recommendations including on independent work with tracks.

The duration of tracks is from 6 till 70 minutes. The short tracks with the duration of 6-9 minutes are actual matrix of audio corrections; the long tracks with the duration of 40-70 minutes are the ready playlists (mixes) consist of short tracks and directed to some work.

Musical compositions are used in the certain sequence. Listening of tracks is divided in the stages, corresponding the works with the various locuses of the body- the physical body, emotional level, psychological state, with the gradual complication, what allows the patient to prepare the body for the maximum impact.

The main matrixes are recorded using a synthesizer – electronic music that imitates the classical live instruments (organ, harpsichord, harp violin, flute, etc.), as well as sounds of nature and voice.

Mechanisms of impact of the method
of sound therapy «Synergy»

Mechanisms of impact: during the listening of a musical tracks there is an accentuated effect on the brain with the help of different frequency ranges, as a result of which there is an influence on the work of different parts of the brain, thereby consistently activating its various functions, and on the internal organs:

  • Low frequencies (from 10 till 200 Hz) affect on the vestibular apparatus (cerebellum), training the coordination of movements, motor functions, improving the balance, orientation in the space;
  • Average frequencies (from 200 till 5000 Hz) directly influence on the area of speech comprehension, analysis and control – improves concentration of attention, memory and speech skills;
  • High frequencies ( from 5000 till 20000Hz) influence on the cerebral cortex and subcortex, the areas are responsible for the emotionality, dynamizing it , stimulating the intuition, imagination, performance, fantasy, opening up the ability to the creativity and new ideas; the sound of high frequency stimulates the brain, and with it the whole body.

Thus, the audio correction system configures, trains and «trains» the vestibular apparatus and an acoustical analyzer system to properly handle the plasticity of neural circuits and the relationship of the auditory analyzer pathways and the center of balance and coordination with other parts of the brain, we can influence on the most of related functions of the nervous system.

An impact is provided by the means
of several characteristic of musical tracks:

  • Using of complex size – 6/4, 9/8, 13/8 – for the inner pulsation of harmonious background sounds (exactly the pulsation, sometimes invisible for the listener), which has the ability to calm down;
  • Rejection from rhythmic sounds – from the elastic bass and percussion instruments, playing the strong and weak segment, and also from the size 4/4, which create a clear dance pulsation, which can cause the listener to respond in the form of internal rhythm, which prevents the entrance to the meditative condition and relaxation;
  • Using the tempo in the range of 60-78 beats a minute, that corresponds to the calm state of a man (calm pulse);
  • Using the binaural sounds (with the frequency of 1000-1500 Hz and difference of frequencies from 10 till 25Hz)– phantom sounds that stimulates the brain of the person, when two waves are merging, the phases of which periodically correspond, creating a stranger wave of low frequency. They are created by using the highly professional audio processing plug-ins, which, when listening to headphones, provides volume of sound and causes the sense of living presence and security.

Changing in the psycho-emotional sphere are achieved by changing – ordering- brain activities, which leads to gradual change in the process of therapy, changing of neural connections, and therefor reflexes that control emotions and behavior. It is known that there is the change of work of regulatory mechanisms in the process of changing of emotional and behavioral reflexes, that leads to improvement of the condition at the level of psychical body.

Effects of method of sound therapy «Synergy»

When using the innovation, the following results are achieved:

  • Correction of psychological state (depression, excitement, bipolar disorder),
  • Occurrence of feeling of emotional rising,
  • Surge of strength,
  • Harmonization of sleep,
  • Improvement of memory,
  • Improvement of working ability,
  • The general rehabilitation effect, activating the living forces and providing support to the standard means of treatment,
  • facilitating work with children and difficult adolescents aimed at adapting to the social environment, and relationships with parents.
  • improvement of family relations,
  • building new relationships,
  • correction of family psychotrauma and their consequences for adults and children.

Thus, based on the received results, there is a conclusion, that the proposed method of musical therapy is the effective method of correction of psycho-emotional and physical conditions.

The developed method of musical therapy can be used as an independent therapeutic and prophylactic method, and included in the complex of standard medical treatment as an additional method of treatment. The proposed method is devoid of side effects, is personalized, taking into account the specificities of the condition of the patient, increases the effectiveness of rehabilitation treatment, reducing the duration of therapy and improving the quality of life.

List of used literature

  1. Patent RU2445987C1, dated Method of complex treatment of cardiovascular diseases with the use of the music therapy.
  2. Patent RU 2522377 dated 2014. Method of correction of psychophysiological state of athletes
  3. Patent RU 2408397, dated 2011.method of forming music audio sequences for the music therapy.

The formula of innovation of the method
of sound therapy «Synergy»

The way of prevention and treatment of diseases of various etiologies in the combination with other methods of therapy, characterized in that the background of the standard treatment is carried out the musical and acoustics interaction which use special music tracks created using a musical synthesizer, and “mixes” of them aimed at a certain work.

Musical therapy is conducted by the course of 10-20 individual or group procedures daily or every other day lasting 30-70 minutes. Above mentioned musical tracks are used in a sequence corresponding to a certain “stage”, aimed at working of various locuses of the body – the psychical body, emotional level and psychological level – with the gradual complication, which allows the patient to gradually prepare the body for the maximum impact.

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