The seminar of the school Synergy

To the Holy places of Greece -
Meteora and Corfu

On October, 18-27 – The Seminar of the school Synergy and trip to the Holy places of Greece – Meteora and Corfu

The seminar of the school of the ecclesiastical and personal growth «Edinstvo» will take place in Delphi (Greece) under the leadership of Dmitry Voevodin on October 18-20, 2019.

This unique session will take place on the place of power site of the Acropolis of the ancient city of Delphi, where in ancient times there was a temple dedicated to Apollo Hyperborean and the famous Delphic Oracle.

  • Even in ancient times, there was a link between the nations of Russia and Greece and it is supported to the present day.
  • Even in the second Millennium BC, the mysterious nation of Hyperborean, that was living behind the North wind, established the ancient civilization and the entire reasonable oekumene.

Holy places of Greece - Meteora and Corfu

The wisdom of ancient philosophers and the foundations of ancient Greek civilization formed the basis of all sciences and theology, including during the first Millennium of our era formed the unique synthesis of ancient philosophy and theology of the Holy Scripture, which became the teaching of Hesychasm about the Divine energies in the works of the Holy fathers of Byzantium. This teaching has returned to Russia in this kind, where the unique Russian school of theological appeared and the circle of time is closed.

Trip to the Holy Places of Greece – Meteora and Corfu

We invite you to have a trip to the Holy Places – Meteora and Corfu on the October, 20-27, for the deep studying of the method of Synergy.

This work on the unique place of power of the Delphic Acropolis is the continuation of the cycle of research work on the places of the Russian North, which began in 2003. The fact is that in the North there is and on our time in the form of energies mysterious ancient buildings in Greece manifested in the form of knowledge and special rhythm, ways of life and philosophy.

The energies of these places are linked between each other, we just only need to touch to this mystery and take piece of it with us forever. A lot of interesting and amazing discoveries in the mysterious world of energies are waiting us! See you soon on the Place of Power!

Путешествие по святым местам Греции – Метеоры, Корфу

The schedule of the seminar of Dmitry Voevodin:

The 18th of October. Arrival of the participants and check in the hotel «Раrnassos Delfi Hotel».

  • 18-00 –registration of the participants
  • 19-00 – it is the beginning of the seminar, the lecture «Cosmoenergetics and Synergy. The modern energy informational practices. Synergy is the teaching about the Divine Energies» by Dmitry Voevodin.
  • Answers and questions
  • 20-30 – general cleansing session
  • 23-00 – – night remotely work

The 19th of October

  • 9-00 – The basic school of cosmoenergetics. Explanation and attunement of frequencies.
  • 11-00 – 18-00 – work on the place of power
  • 19-00 – The practice of Synergy. An attunement and explanation of first three stages.
  • 23-00 – night remotely work

The 20th of October

  • 9-00 – The school of Cosmoenergetics. An attunement and explanation of the main blocks of frequencies
  • 11-00-18-00 – work on the place of power
  • 19-00 The practice of Synergy. An attunement and explanation of 4,5,6 stages of Synergy.
  • 23-00 – night remotely work.
  • The end of the seminar

Attention! There can be changes in the program.

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