The schedule of learning
of method of Synergy

The schedule of learning of method of Synergy

Learning is based on the author’s technique during the training sessions. The sessions are holding both in face-to-face form of learning and remotely. The form of session doesn’t influence on the quality of studying, but the face-to face form of learning is desirable for the better development of the individual requests of a student and for the rapid achievement of the results. It is impossible to receive the fully training by the remotely, it is desirable to have at least 2 sessions of face-to face form of learning. At the same time, it is desirable to take part in the author’s seminars- trips.

The studying of one stage of Synergy, as a rule, is performed in one session, in the process of which the necessary attunement is realized and the principles and methods of work with the method of Synergy or the block Synthesis are detailed explained. It uses the special musical tracks for the opening of sound matrices of Synergy or visual keys for the opening of matrix of the block Synthesis.

In the future methodological support is provided to students an individual order – by the Progressor, who has performed the training and as well as the seminars, webinars and other activities arranged by the school of the ecclesiastical and personal growth «Edinstvo».

Studying process is divided into the following stages.

  • The first stage – 1,2,3 steps;
  • The second stage- 4,5,6 steps;
  • The third stage- studying of 7step;
  • The fourth stage – studying of 8 step;
  • The fifth stage- studying of 9 step.

Every further training is available only after successful development of all previous steps.

How does the process of learning take place?

Learning of the method of Synergy takes place only in the school of the ecclesiastical and personal growth «Edinstvo». The training is arranged by both the author of these techniques, and by the below mentioned accredited specialists(progressors), who have the required experience, knowledge and have passed the special selection.

We arrange the training on the unify techniques and guarantee the same high quality of training presented by all accredited progressors.

The list of accredited progressors, having the rights to arrange the training of Synergy and block Synthesis are the following:

  • Voevodin Dmitry (the founder of this method), Moscow, Synergy- all levels. Block Synthesis-completely.
  • Tolstaya Antonina (the leading progressor), Saint Petersburg, 6 steps of Synergy. Block Synthesis- completely.
  • Parnugin Anton, Moscow, 6 steps of Synergy. Block Synthesis- completely.
  • Petrina Irina, Moscow, 6 steps of Synergy. Block Synthesis- completely.
  • Tarasov Sergey, Adygea, 6 steps of Synergy. Block Synthesis- completely.
  • Ageeva Aleksandra, 6 steps of Synergy. Block Synthesis- completely.

Other persons who are not mentioned in the list above don’t have the rights to hold the training. Any training, conducted by non-accredited persons violates the copyrights of the developers of this method, is illegal and it is under the responsibility of a student.

All trainees who have passed the whole training course, receive:

  • The ability to use the method of Synergy and block Synthesis for their personal purposes;
  • Methodical manuals and materials;
  • The ability to communicate with the progressor, who has conducted the course, in order to receive an advice and recommendations;
  • Certificates of special and established template;
  • The opportunity to become the members of the school «Edinstvo» (membership is free of charge);
  • The access to the public informational resources of the School;
  • The opportunity to participate in the activities, arranged by the School.

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