Alexandra Ageeva, Sant Petersburg

Synergy is a unique method which has changed my life, my attitude to God.

To live in God and for God, revealing of the divine in yourself.

Certainly, it was not so smooth as we wanted. I strive…God is with me. I always knew that He was and all my life I have come to this. Many sins were committed, for which there was a retribution. The main thing that I was aware all of them, repented. The load fell from the soul. An essential part of my life was a visiting to Church, Divine Liturgies that fill my ecclesiastical component.

But in order to come to this, God sent me a wonderful man, an ecclesiastical conductor Dmitry Voevodin and Synergy.

Once the seed was sown, it began to grow, purifying my soul, physical body, thin bodies. Each stage of Synergy is revealed in by an amazing way and you do not always understand how it happens. The deep blocks reveal. A lot of work, not only for me but also for my family and the whole genus.

The impact of matrices is the deepest one. It is a daily work on yourself, on consciousness. Life is changing for the better. These changes are irrevocable.

I thank the Lord, I thank Dmitry, Natalia, I thank everyone who is near me visibly and invisibly helps, directs and supports me in my ecclesiastical development.

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