Oleg Kulikovskiy, Kaliningrad

Thanks to Dmitry! Thanks, Synergy!

The first feeling that I am in external field, which covers me and my field.

After a while there are soft thoughts about what I should do, what to pay attention to in my condition, in my thoughts. What is pious, what is desirable to change? What is needed for assistance, for cooperation, harmonizing with energy? Such a critical attitude to yourself and your intentions. It begins the second track and I’m standing in nature in the rain?

It washes me inside and outside. It washes each part of my body, each organ and each cell.

The water, cleansing me, flows down from my hands, feet and the first energy center and it is absorbed by the Earth.

The body more and more feels the cleanness. A then the rain becomes the gold. Each part of my body, each organ and each cell.

It begins the third track and the thoughts about what I «have» to be are returned. How should I be in order to be able to contribute, to harmonize with the energy? The answer comes hard and unexpected. You have to be yourself. As it is. With your past and vision of your future.

With your life experience, joys and sorrows. With everything. It is important now to be sincere, to be opened and brave-to be ready to take a step into the unknown. It is the feeling of something Important, which was expressed by the state of “BEING YOURSELF” stopped all thoughts and plunged into the Field. Which I call «The field Unity» or” field Synergy ” Thank you!

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